By: Jill Hundley

What to Include on Your Social Career Page

An organization’s employer brand or reputation is at the top of many recruiters’ minds. Many small, medium and large enterprises are creating and managing their employer branding.  Content tells the visual story of the company culture and what makes it a great place to work.  A Social Career Page is a great place to present the employer brand content and all the company’s recruiting efforts in a one-stop shop.

For those who haven’t started creating their employer brand, do not despair. Start by reading our first blog post: What is Employer Brand. The blog explains the strategy and first steps needed to identify what makes a company a great place to work. Once you’ve established a game plan, it is time to create content that tells your brand story.

Creating content can be expensive and time consuming. We will review opportunities that are free or low cost and, most importantly, quick and easy.  If a human resource department already has an employer branding package, then a Social Career Page will display the content and show what makes the company a great place to work. Make your page stronger by leveraging the ideas in this post and creating a content editorial calendar. For those just getting started with employer branding, build the content list below and create the package for the company. 

Add and update your Social Career Page content on a regular basis, so your page does not become stagnant and lack interaction opportunities.  When you add content to your page, it will send a notice to the job seekers and your Private Talent Network. This reminds them to come back to your page, look at new jobs and your company. The more traffic the better. 

Curate or source all the existing content, photos and videos that currently exist. Connect internally with key content producers to stay on top of new content released and review the content for the possibility to leverage it in the branding package and on your Social Career Page. Then make a list of content that needs to be created.  Try things that will help others engage with your brand:

Company Activity Calendar

Look at the company calendar for opportunities for photos. This could be office parties, volunteer and community outreach, a celebratory team cake, fun employee desk environment, holiday festivities, a great view from a window or even the lobby area.

Ask Employees/Teams to Share

Use the company internal newsletter or an email, to ask employees to share photos or team/ project ideas that can be highlighted on your social career page.

Create Photo Opportunities and Content that Tie to Your Company Culture

If the company calendar is light on activities, create photo opportunities. Take a photo of a team collaborating on a project or a white board w brainstorming session (no confidential information). You can also write a key word and definition that represents your office on a white board and take a photo of it. You could create a series of 5 keywords to use.  You could also write them on a large white card and ask employees to hold them for a photo.  You can also create a Top 10 List with a variety of topics. Top 10 reasons to work at this company. Top 10 reasons this company produces great product. Top 10 reasons employees like working here…and so on. 

Banner at the top of your Social Career Page

The banner on the top of the page is the first item job seekers see. That is why sharing photos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook is so popular. A picture is worth a thousand words.   If you do not have a company banner image, we can create one for you to get your started.  After you get your page created and banner launched, plan to refresh the banner every 3 or 6 months. This is the first visual that people see on your page. The banner is 982 x 275 pixels, or a similar ratio. 

A Day in the Life of an Employee

A day in the life of an employee can be another way to get a few quotes for your Social Career page and a photo of an employee at work. You can ask the employee to write 5 paragraphs similar to a blog format about what it is like to work there.  This will be a nice peer-to-peer piece of content that job seekers can relate to because it is written by someone like them.

Awards or Company Recognition

Highlight any awards or company and employee recognition and accolades. Let others speak for your company.

Video Content

Videos can be expensive and time consuming to produce. Source all existing videos that you could use on your Social Career page. This includes a company overview, why your company is a great place to work, employee testimonials, and product videos.  If you do not have HR/recruiting videos created, there are some low cost options. The goal is to make videos that are less than a minute thirty (1:30). This ties into your employer branding material as well and can be used over and over again. There are low cost vendor options. Always start by looking locally for videographers. There is also a website called that provides local videographers and production teams for a variety of costs and production needs.  This service can also write your video script or you can hire a copywriter to do it in a few hours of work.

Corporate Social Media Channels

You can also scan your company’s social media channels for images used with tweets and social posts. Those images can be share on your Social Career Page also.

Recruiting Process

Job seekers are very curious about the recruiting process at your company.  You can produce and present this in various formats. The HR recruiting department can produce a one pager about the process. Or keep it informal and personal in a blog format. A simple way is to just highlight the steps in 3 to 5 bullet points.

Recruiter Images

 The last, but most important piece in the employer brand content puzzle, is you – the recruiter.  Use a professional image or an image of your at a work event to put a name and face together for job seekers. You are the first impression of the company for job seekers. You are the first one they engage with online, face-to-face or over the phone.  

After you have a list, put it into an editorial calendar format. This can be just a spreadsheet with calendar weeks and dates. Keep it simple. At the beginning aim to add fresh new content every other week to add to your page. The goal is to produce at least one new item each week, and even more if possible.

Don’t overthink it, and don’t make this a huge time consuming project.  Start small and get going. If you need help managing or building your Employer Brand, a Social Career Page representatives will help you.

We want to hear your ideas too. Do you have any additional ideas for sharing and creating content for the HR/Recruiting? Share them in the comment section!


Jill Hundley

Jill Hundley

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