By: Melissa Troupe

The #1 Biggest Mistake Companies Make When Using Company Culture to Attract Top Talent.

Maintaining a positive company culture is not only crucial for ensuring happiness in your workplace, it is also the key to attracting the best candidates with incredible ease. But many companies are missing one key element when it comes to company culture and recruiting.

Publicly sharing your company culture is a key element many companies largely underestimate. Follow the tips below to ensure your company effectively publicizes your company culture to recruit the best of the best in your industry.

Share your clearly defined mission and values on your company website and like-minded sharing sites such as Doing this will easily attract candidates whose values align with yours.

The value in this is that they will be willing to work much harder to enter a company that aligns with their own values. It also means they will naturally be motivated to exceed productivity expectations due to your company’s prior clarity of its mission as well as the alignment of that mission with the candidate’s own values.

Feel free to be ridiculously open with the inner workings of your company. Buffer, for example, has held nothing back when it comes to full transparency. They’ve shared their employees’ salaries, the formula used the calculate them, and their entire recruiting process…down to the exact of candidate/new hire ratio. They truly hold nothing back in an effort to attract top notch talent aligned with their own values. This results in a frenzy of eager applicants willing endure their extensive hiring process for a chance to join the Buffer team. The strong desire these applicants develop for Buffer culture is a direct result of their consistent public sharing of their company culture and values.

These results can be duplicated in your own company if you are willing to be open with the details of your company’s processes.

Use social media to share your culture and build a loyal following. Use every applicable social media platform to share who your company is, what you stand for, and what your team does on a regular basis. The psychology behind this is to allow your following to become a “fly on the wall” and see how your company operates from an insider perspective. Candidates today are largely focused on joining a company that will make them happy. As simple as that may sound, that is the focus. They aren’t interested in sacrificing happiness for an employment opportunity.

You can take your social sharing one step further by sharing on a platform specifically designed for company culture social sharing such as Social Career Page. You can also use SCP to easily connect your followers to all of your other social profiles in one place.

The sharing revolution is only going to grow. Utilizing this wave to grow your pool of recruiting candidates is the smartest way to capitalize on this trend.