Arnett Elementary second grade student Sydney Davis rubs her eyes while Ryan Schooler raises his hand to ask a question.  The Kentucky school is using a system of "learning targets" to quickly access a students progress. Photo by Pat McDonogh, March 23, 2012.
By: Melissa Troupe

Is Your Employer Brand Missing These 4 Things?

As a growing company you are probably fully aware of your corporate brand. Placing emphasis on your service or product and your consumers is the main focus of your corporate brand and this is where most branding initiatives start. But your employer brand focuses on your employees and potential employees. Establishing a flourishing employer brand is the key to building a solid company poised for continual growth.

When it comes to employer branding, many companies have no idea where to start. A great employer brand has a positive company culture, happy employees, and eager candidates. The road to establishing a powerful employer brand begins with the 4 key elements listed below:

Build Company Culture

As a corporate entity looking to hire and retain top talent in your industry, you must first focus on your company culture. Simply put, what’s it like to work there? Your workplace atmosphere is established by your leaders, your employees, and your policies. Create an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable and content. Whether that means you stash free snacks and coffee in the break room, or you initiate wacky office gatherings, the focus remains the same. Your employees should also feel challenged with work that is a good fit for their own intrinsic purpose. One way to ensure that alignment is to welcome employee opinions.

Welcome Employee Opinions

Establish an open door atmosphere that allows your employees to effectively communicate their feelings regarding workplace atmosphere and procedures. This will easily ensure that they are a good fit for your environment and allow you to modify things as needed to ensure overall happiness in your workplace. Employee opinions can be submitted anonymously or they can be part of a regular performance review. This allows them to review you as an employer on the key points you value most.

Encourage Candidate Opinions

Encouraging opinions from your applicants is a great way to get an outside perspective of your work atmosphere in regards to your company culture. But it is also beneficial to assess how candidates feel about your recruiting and on-boarding process. This way you can fine-tune the hiring process based on the feedback received. Doing this will allow you to have a top notch workplace environment that remains one of the most desirable places to work in your area. Candidate who are impressed by your culture will likely share their experience with friends and followers, which in turn leads to greater power for your employer brand.

Establish Corporate Brand

Having an well-established corporate brand isn’t just beneficial to your consumers. It directly translates to those same consumers desiring to join your team. In many cases employees began as customers who were impressed by your corporate brand and decided to delve further to learn about your career opportunities.

In order to establish a solid corporate brand ensure you have established a solid brand identity, market placement, and a solid vision for your company’s future growth. You can then use that corporate identity to tie into your identity as an employer.

It is these key elements that will help you establish a powerful employer brand that allows you to recruit and retain top talent with incredible ease.