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To Attract the Right Candidates, Show Don’t Tell

Don’t look now, but your company culture is showing, and so is everyone else’s. Recruiting is changing and with the internet and social media, our fire-breathing millennials are blazing trails with high ideals and even higher standards. The days of static job postings and company profiles are nearing an end. Luckily, today’s recruitment world is easy

By: Melissa Troupe

The #1 Biggest Mistake Companies Make When Using Company Culture to Attract Top Talent.

Maintaining a positive company culture is not only crucial for ensuring happiness in your workplace, it is also the key to attracting the best candidates with incredible ease. But many companies are missing one key element when it comes to company culture and recruiting. Publicly sharing your company culture is a key element many companies

By: Melissa Troupe

How to Align your Employer Brand to Attract to Millennials.

Companies of all sizes are focusing their attention on millennial talent. Millennials are those born in the 80’s and 90’s who share unique characteristics in comparison to their older colleagues. Millennials tend to be more tech savvy and socially connected. As a result, a wide variety of “new school” branding methods come naturally to this

By: Melissa Troupe

A Bad Reputation Can Kill Your Company’s Chances at Hiring Top Talent.

Here’s How you Fix it! Zappos has become world renown for it’s out-of-box employer reputation. From their wacky company culture to their robust benefits package. Zappos has solidly positioned themselves as one of the best companies to work for in the nation. The Zappos company culture has not only made them popular, it has positioned