By: Melissa Troupe

5 Most Effective Ways to Attract Top Talent with Social Media

Most of us are fully aware of the power of social media. Social media is where we should be turning for marketing and brand awareness, but…

…What about your employer brand?

…Where should your company be promoting your company culture?

The answer is, yet again, social media. But the method is far different than your consumer focused social media marketing strategy.

Promoting your employer brand via social media requires that you open the doors of your company and give your followers and inside look at the workplace atmosphere and its team members in an authentic and candid fashion.

This will set your company apart from closed door companies whose company culture remains a mystery to prospects and outsiders alike.

Today’s top candidates, largely comprised of millennials, are looking for flexible and friendly workplaces that focus on new age trends. If they are unable to see this due to a company’s closed door policy they are likely to look elsewhere.

When sharing your company culture on social media remember these key points.

Each platform is different. Master the best method for sharing on each unique platform.

  1. Facebook – when sharing your company culture on Facebook give your followers an inside view of your workplace atmosphere. This is not limited to photo albums of company events. Get creative. Show photos of smiling faces in their office space or with their families. Let employees send in their own pics to post. Also include employee testimonials or interviews candidly addressing how they feel about working with your company.
  2. Twitter– sync your Twitter and Facebook profiles together so any tweet can be seen by your Facebook followers as well. Tweet 9-10 times a day. Be sure at least one of those daily tweets relates to company culture – your philosophy, your employees, or a quick update of what your team is doing.
  3. YouTube– YouTube can offer a place to host your promo reels, employee interviews, corporate event compilations and more. Share your YouTube videos on Twitter and Facebook for increased visibility.
  4. Instagram– when posting photos to your Facebook or Twitter page why not post them through Instagram? This way you can expand your reach with no additional effort. Just as with Twitter use popular hashtags to gain extra views. You can also create a unique company-wide hashtag to easily find your employee’s company shout outs.
  5. Social Career Page– Sharing socially via your own Social Career Page is most effective method for showcasing your company culture. Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, a Social Career Page attracts the best talent by showing job seekers what makes your company a great place to work. This social media presence allows you to share content images and videos that make your company’s culture unique to passive and active jobs seekers. Job seekers can see inside your company, apply for jobs and join your Private Talent Network on both web and mobile.

Mastering social sharing is not only beneficial to your company it’s going to become absolutely crucial as more and more people continue to join the ranks of the social sharing revolution.