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by educating Job Seekers on what makes your Company a great place to work.

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Showcase Your
Employer Brand
& Company Culture.

This social media presence has a unique URL (www.socialcareerpage.com/yourcompany) and will position you as an employer of choice by telling your company’s story with branded content, images, videos and job postings.

Promote FREE Unlimited Jobs.

Post unlimited employment opportunities, and allow job seekers to apply and share your jobs on 295 social networking sites all from your company’s social career page.

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Build a
Private Talent Network.

Create a pipeline of candidates for future openings and engage the members of your talent network by distributing jobs, messages and updates about your company.

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Optimize the Candidate Experience on any Mobile Device.

A Social Career Page is a branded, fully functional career page that can be viewed on both smartphones and tablets.

Job Seekers can learn about your company, apply for jobs & join your

Private Talent Network
on any Mobile device.
Attract Top Candidates Automatically.

Top candidates can search for your jobs, talent network and career page on both web and mobile.

You can also promote your CAREER PAGE everywhere online and offline with its unique URL.
Generate More Employee Referrals.
Encourage your employees to share your company's CAREER PAGE in their personal networks and get more referrals.
Connect to any
Applicant Tracking System.

A Social Career Page can be easily connected to any applicant tracking system (ATS) in minutes.

View Up-to-the-Minute Job Seeker Statistics.

Leverage Career Page analytics to track visitor traffic, Job Seeker activity on job postings and key metrics and trends.

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