By: Melissa Troupe

A Bad Reputation Can Kill Your Company’s Chances at Hiring Top Talent.

Here’s How you Fix it!

Zappos has become world renown for it’s out-of-box employer reputation. From their wacky company culture to their robust benefits package. Zappos has solidly positioned themselves as one of the best companies to work for in the nation.

The Zappos company culture has not only made them popular, it has positioned them to hire top talent with incredible ease. What impact can a positive employer reputation have on your company?

More importantly, what impact would a bad company reputation have on your company? As cited by hbr.org, a bad company reputation can cost you 10% more money per hire.

If you are hiring talent for a company which has a bad employer reputation, here are some steps to aide your organization in shifting public perception of your company culture and easily attracting the most highly qualified candidates in the process.

Below are three easy to follow ways to fix a bad reputation and easily attract top talent to your company:

1| Address the negativity head on

This is the key to changing the public’s perception of your company. Take Domino’s for example. They created a winning turnaround strategy in 2009 centered around admitting that their pizza tasted like cardboard and boldly daring consumers to give their new recipe a try.

This strategy of publicly addressing negativity can work well for any company who has suffered from a bad reputation.

Make the public aware that you realize your company has fallen short and you are willing to do everything in your power to address your shortcomings and improve upon them.

2| Let your employees take the lead

This should seem like a no-brainer, but the key to a positive employer reputation is happy employees. The only way to ensure you have that is to consult with your employees on a consistent basis. Ask them to evaluate you as an employer. That evaluation should include their honest opinion on the work environment, employee growth potential, and thoughts and ideas on improvements they would like to see.  

Buffer.com publicizes their employee evaluations on their company culture blog. This not only holds them publicly accountable to maintain a positive workplace environment, but it also creates the most believable resource addressing their company reputation.

As a result of their positive public reputation Buffer.com has created a highly competitive pool of top talent who would consider it an honor to be a part of the buffer team.

Buffer’s method of public accountability can be easily duplicated by any company interested in accessing top talent in a similar manner.

3| Get active on social media

Now in 2016, most companies know they need to be active on social media. But it is not as widely understood exactly how they should be sharing. When you are looking to establish or improve your company’s reputation you should be sure to join each of the major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and possibly Youtube and Instagram depending on the type of content you have to share.

You will need to “fully load” all of your profiles with company details, images, and other media. Share content that your target audience is interested in without constantly “selling” your company. Allow your employees to participate and share content based on your guidelines.

Share employee testimonials and interviews from your own employees. This creates the most believable representation of your company’s culture.

As stated in our previous blog post;

The best employees want to know as much as they can about a company before taking a job. In fact, 76 percent of job seekers want to know what makes a company an attractive employer.”

The most proactive way to share who your company is from an employee-centric perspective with your social career page. Your social career page is like a PR event for attracting top talent with incredible ease.

Your company reputation will thank you!